Customer Grievance Cell Guidelines



 “Guidelines for constitution/establishment of Customer Care cum Redressal Cells in the Manipur State Co-operative Bank Ltd.”.

  1.  Introduction: Customer is that nucleus around which present whole business revolves. Today’s market is customer oriented and it is the customer who would decide about banker to buy any product or service based on level of satisfaction he/she expected to derive from a bank. Customer satisfaction as such has gained much importance today than ever before.

Though most of the incumbents and staff posted at different branches and Head Office of the bank are quite conscious about their responsibilities in this regard, yet a few are not concerned at all and thus causing harm to the interest of the bank.

With this backdrop, in order to improve further Customer Care Services in the bank, it is necessary to establish a mechanism for the Redressal of grievances of customers so as to improve the image of the institution. It also aims at taking into account suggestions rendered by the customers regarding the banks product and services. The system would take note of those officials who are found to have deviated deliberately from the instructions causing harm to the reputation of the bank and to bring them to book.

  1. Procedure: If any customer wishes to lodge any complaint, he/she should bring the matter to the notice of the concerned Branch Manager or Assistant General Manger (Administration), in case of Head Office for its immediate REDRESSAL by obtaining the complaint form from the branch/Head Office, where ever applicable, and the same should be submitted against acknowledgement.
  1. Constitution of Customer Care Cum Redressal Cells:

 A. At each Branch level:

i. A Customer Care Cell shall be established at each branch of the bank and the Manager of the Branch shall be designated as Branch Level Redressal Officer. He/she shall  immediately on receipt of any complaint against any officer/official of the branch, shall enquire into the matter in detail in view of the gravity of the complaint and try to solve the problem keeping in mind the satisfaction of the customer as early as possible but in no case later than 15 days. The outcome and action taken on complaint shall be conveyed to the party with a copy to the Head Office. In case of any dispute requiring the intervention of Head Office, the matter along with statements of parties and own comments shall be referred to the bank’s Nodal Officer designated to deal with customers complaint/grievance.

ii. A complaint and suggestion Box, whose detailed instructions will be issued by the HO, shall be installed at an appropriate place in the branch. If a customer requires paper/pen for making a compliant, the same shall be provided.

iii. A Poster to make the customers aware in this regard will be prepared and same will be supplied to the branches by the Head Office. The same shall be displayed prominently in the branch having clear look by each visiting customer.

B. At Head Office level:

i. A Customer Care Cell shall also be established at Head Office of the bank within Administration Section. The Cell shall be headed by the Assistant General Manager of Administration Section and shall on receipt of any complaint against any Officer/official of Head Office/Branch officials as are received through Branch Managers or directly shall put the same to the authorities for enabling them to take appropriate action/decision in the matter. Any enquiry may be ordered into a matter if so necessitated/warranted. The action on complaint shall be taken and conveyed to the party within 30 days from the date of complaint positively.

ii. The Chief Executive Officer/Managing Director of the bank would be the Chief Redressal Officer (CRO) and the Deputy General Manager as Deputy Chief Redressal Officer (DCRO). Any complaint shall immediately be processed and taken by the Assistant General Manager of the Cell directly and confidentially to the DCRO & CRO to ensure its disposal within the stipulated time of 30 days. The whole process must be in a fair and confidential manner with an aim to increase credibility of the organization in the eye of the customers. All the complaints must be responded within the stipulated time. Where the matter pertains to Vigilance, the customer must be informed in this regard while handing over the issue to the Vigilance Cell.

iii. The posters prescribed by the bank for awakening the visiting customers/staff shall be displayed at a prominent place of Head Office.

iv. Any officer/staff are found playing with the financial interests of the bank shall not be spared and shall be proceeded against in terms of the provisions of the bank’s Service Rules framed and amended from time to time.

  1. On 16th of every month (next day in case of holiday), customer can meet the Branch Manager/Higher Authorities in their office without prior permission.


  1. If the complainant still feels unsatisfied with the above, he/she can address his/her complaint to the bank’s Nodal Officer designated to deal with customers complaint/grievance giving full details of the case to:


The Deputy General Manager,

The Manipur State Cooperative Bank Ltd.,

Head Office, Old Assembly Road, Imphal, Manipur.

Telephone No.: 0385- 2451378.

E-mail: mscbltd@gmail.com


  1. After exhausting above machinery/channels, if the customer is not satisfied, he/she may write to:


The Managing Director,

The Manipur State Cooperative Bank Ltd.,

Head Office, Old Assembly Road, Imphal, Manipur.

Telephone No.: 0385- 2451540.

E-mail: mscbltd@gmail.com


  1. Anonymous complaints will not be entertained.



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