Board of Management


      Pangambam Ranjit Singh, Group I (a): GPL MPCS/FSS (General)

Vice President,

      Yumnam Subhachandra Singh, Group I (a): GPL MPCS/FSS (General)


  1. Oinam Rajkumar Singh, Group I (a): GPL MPCS/FSS (General)
  2. Khangembam Basudeba Singh, Group I (a): GPL MPCS/FSS (General)
  3. Konthoujam Manihar Singh, Group I (a): GPL MPCS/FSS (Small Farmer)
  4. Leichombam Amumacha Singh, Group I (b): GPL MPCS/FSS (Schedule Castes)
  5. Haokholen Guite, Group II: LAMPS
  6. Ng. Thaiho, Group II: LAMPS
  7. Longjam Ibochouba Singh, Group III: Weavers (General)
  8. Laishram (O) Hawaibam Ratna Devi, Group III: Weavers (Women Reserve)
  9. Moirangthem Ibohal Singh, Group IV: Other Society (General)
  10. Kangabam Phajaton Devi, Group IV: Other Society (Women Reserve)
  11. Khupmang Haokip, Group IV: (b) Other Society (Scheduled Tribe)
  12. Laishram Punyabati Devi, Group IV: (c) Urban Bank
  13. Nameirakpam Mangi Singh, Group V: Individual
  14. The Registrar of Co-operative Societies, Manipur or his Nominee: Govt Nominee
  15. S. Biren Singh, MSCB Employees Association: Employees Representative
  16. H. Shantikumar Singh, MSCB Employees Association: Employees Representative
  17. Dr. H. Ranjana Devi, Wangkhei Ningthem Pukhri Mapal, Imphal: Professional Member
  18. Kh. Tomba Singh, Sagolband Nepra Menjor Pukhri Mapal, Imphal: Professional Member
  19. Smt. Bidyarani Ayekpam, MCS, Managing Director, MSCB Ltd: Member Secretary




Working Hours

Monday – Saturday

2nd Saturday and 4th Saturday is Holiday as per RBI Guideline since 1st September


0385 - 2451540, 2451378

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